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Florence Oswald AKA Flo is a lovely French woman who has always had the horse bug, as far as she can remember, although there was no history of such an addiction in her family.

Her dream as a child was to become what we call now a “horse whisperer”, even if she only got rare opportunities to spend time with horses.

When she finally had the chance to regularly ride horses, she took English riding lessons and immediately started to try and build a sound relationship with horses, seeking a better understanding of horses’ psychology and general behavior.

She built her experience from the ground up, learning with different horses, and different instructors.

Flo & Tug

The instructor who taught Flo the most, and who still inspires her, is the late Dominique De La Mettrie. He was of the old French Riding School, which is focused on classical dressage, and had a real passion for horses.Through him, she learned about the anatomy and physiology of this heavy, but highly regarded animal, and how to develop him/her physically so this wonderful companion stays as flexible as possible.

Flo & Shadow

She also discovered horsemanship through feel, and learned to listen to horses in order to understand and deal with horses' behavior while riding them.

After Flo started to take lessons, she quickly went through the French process where both horsemanship and equestrianism must be mastered before attempting any type of competition (dressage, jumping or eventing).

She passed all the French Equestrian Federation tests up to competition level, and finished first in her region on the last test. Although Flo was quite young, she immediately preferred to share her knowledge than to compete.

Therefore besides riding and doing some local competitions, she also started to teach, and became a dressage judge in Versailles (near Paris, France).

In parallel, her career in computer science brought her to the US; Silicon Valley, California. Once she settled, she ended up by coming back to her passion and she looked for horses to train. The word-of-mouth business took off and she quickly went back to also giving lessons.

Flo’s instruction and riding styles inevitably have the imprint of classical dressage masters; she has been influenced, indirectly or directly, by masters like Nuno Oliveira, and Michel Henriquet while she was in Versailles, France. Michel Henriquet spent 30 years of his life as a student of Nuno Oliveira.

Flo keeps an open mind to different schools and techniques, and continuously seeks more knowledge in diverse dressage writings: another typical well-known person she reads and refers to is Sylvia Loch – founder of the Classical Dressage Riding Club.

Even though Flo developed her own style and method, she takes her strong classical dressage base with her everywhere: for each horse she rides or when she gives lessons, she takes the time to learn and understand the horse, locating key strengths and areas to develop.

Flo & Bunny

Her goal is to gain the horse’s trust; she learns to respect each horse, and earns respect back. Moreover she gives the horse the necessary time to progress.

Flo & Paris

Patience is key in Flo’s method as there is no point in forcing a horse to do any exercise. She prefers doing short sessions, and rewarding the horse when the exercise is understood and achieved properly.

Because this method is smooth and non invasive, she generally gets good results quite quickly.

Flo also has a very positive attitude towards her students as she is a strong advocate of patience with riders too, and she encourages riders so they become more confident in their riding aptitude.

You will find hereafter some key points of Flo's equestrian bio.

  • 25 years of "Haute Ecole" horse riding
  • Won several regional competitions in France (Dressage & Jumping)
  • Passed all the French Equestrian Federation formal tests up to competition level - finished first in her region on the last test.
  • French Equestrian Federation Dressage Judge at Versailles, France
  • French Equestrian Federation Test Judge at Versailles, France
Flo & Rooster
Flo & Shadow
  • Rode over 110 horses
  • Trained over 60 people
  • Background of classical dressage following masters like Nuno Oliveira, Michel Henriquet and Sylvia Loch.
  • Unconditional fan of the fantastic and unique horseman Bartabas. Bartabas is the founder of the Academy of Equestrian Art in Versailles ( and the equestrian Theatre Zingaro ( in French).
  • Amazing trust & love relationship built with the following horses: MaBeaute, Jasmin, Tollos, Merrilegs, Moon, Tina, Bunny, Nadia, Tug, Rooster and Shadow.


Flo's Horse Training