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You will find here some comments and quotes from people who either take lessons with Flo or whose horse she trains.

French Horse Whisperer
I have found a wonderful HORSE TRAINER that I wish to share with you. She is truly a French Horse Whisperer.
Flo grew up in France and studied the English Discipline. She later followed her passion for dressage and became a Dressage Judge. She is now training horses for flat or jumps. She can train a horse with little to experienced knowledge. Problems to challenges to just sharpening up for the show arena.
She creates a trusting bond with the horse to obtain its optimum potential. Flo is very thorough with here methods of documentation in a diary, which is accessible to the horse owner. I liked being able to read about how my mare was doing in her training and her progress. Flo is a mature woman with a responsible work ethic.
She also is very reasonable for the budget. If you need a week, month, year, pre-show tune up.
Did I mention how NICE she is? I highly recommend her.
Thanks, JoLynn Tetzlaff

Flo, Gabri, Adri & Susan

My Best Horse Trainer Ever
"Florence Oswald helped me with my horse Merrilegs. I had trouble riding her because she would only behave for extremely skilled riders. For beginners with just a year or two experience riding she would go in circles.I had many many trainers and by far Florence was the best. In one lesson she taught me what the others have been trying to teach me for years.

Also she has great patience, and a humble attitude. I am a picky person and judge people harshly but i have only good things to say about Florence. She was always punctual, and never ever condescending.

Even though I was beginner adult rider, many times afraid of my own horse, her attitude was always helpful, friendly, and respectful. never every condescending. I always enjoyed myself while she was teaching.
Not only is she fantastic with people she is truly gifted with horses. She truly loves them and they love and respect her back. With her gentle respectful attitude they follow her willingly because they like her.
She was my horse Merrilegs's benevolent leader. I leased my horse to a girl who gave Merrilegs bad habits.
After Florence rode her for a while tons of people would say to me. Wow, look at the difference in Merrilegs. She is like a different horse. She is so calm and relaxed. What happened? Why is she so wonderful now?

I can't say enough good things about her. Whenever she was with me and my horse, I always felt safe and accomplished because I knew I could trust whatever advise or suggestions she had."
Amy Weissman

Flo & Merrilegs

So Fortunate To Have Met You
"Thank you for being such a sensitive, intuitive and responsible trainer.
Michele and I are so very fortunate to have met you."
Bryan Fox

Flo & Nadia

I Feel So Lucky To Have Found Her
"Flo first met my horse, Bunny, after Bunny had finished competing in the United States Dressage Federation 2004 show season.
Although Bunny earned respectable scores, she consistently lost points for tucking her head behind the vertical in an effort to avoid contact with the bit.
In addition, I could see Bunny had no joy in her work because she refused to go into the arena.
As an amateur rider relatively new to the sport of dressage, I began to avidly read about the principles of classical dressage.
The more I read, the more I realized that Bunny neede to be trained and ridden according to these principles.
My search for a classical dressage trainer and teacher led me to Flo. What a difference! In less than six months, Bunny has developed from a horse soured on arena work to one that eagerly looks forward to her dressage lessons.
Flo has been patient, kind and consistent with Bunny. She has built slowly on the basics, giving Bunny enough time to build the muscle required for the demanding sport. Best of all, Bunny no longer fears the bit.

Flo & Bunny

Flo's gentle touch taught Bunny to seek the bit and to rechannel the energy she acquired through pro per riding. When Flo enthusiastically announced --- after working on difficult trot lengthenings, "Bunny tries so hard, I knew my horse's spirit had healed.
Flo is a gifted, formally trained and educated equestrian who takes a well balanced, complete and caring approach to each unique horse and rider. I feel so lucky to have found her."
Michele McEntee

What Level In Dressage
"Shadowrun has become much easier and more fun to ride. It is so lovely to have him so light on my hands.
People who have seen you riding Shadow have told me how great he is
Someone asked me what level he was in dressage. She was really
amazed to hear that you had been riding him for just a couple of months."
Lara Fairchild

(Shadow Run, 18-year old, has a background in trail riding; Flo started his dressage training 2 months prior to these pictures)

Flo & Shadow

I Have Learned A Lot In A Short Amount Of Time
"I have been really happy to have found you as a teacher. You are very dedicated, knowledgeable, intelligent, patient and gently rigorous.
How many times have you extended a lesson time?...
I really feel like I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. And I have been really sad not to be taking from you right now."
Petra Steinbuchel

Flo & Petra

A Terrific Teaching Style
"Florence worked with myself and my two high school daughters to help us refine our technique. Florence has a terrific teaching style; she is supportive and very clear in her directions. She helped the girls maintain their confidence while also encouraging them to keep on pushing themselves.
We highly recommend Flo for teaching as well as just being a nice person to hang out with as well!"
Michelle Winner

Michelle & Merrilegs

An Animated and Enthusiastic Teacher
"Flo has been called the French horse whisperer by some of her clients. She's helped a wide variety of horses, including draft..Flo has an infectious personality and is an animated and enthusiastic teacher..."
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