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The Patience / Respect / Trust Recipe...

Throughout the years Flo took lessons, she experienced as a student, different ways of teaching, and different school masters. As an observer, she noticed that instructors got the best results when they were respecting horses and were also showing respect toward their students.

Another important factor that composes this triangular relationship of instructor-student-horse is the Trust factor; whether or not the student has enough self-confidence in his aptitudes, the instructor should support and encourage the student in every step throughout the learning curve.

For all these reasons, Flo is very adamant in keeping a positive attitude with her students.

Even in her explanations, she will use positive comments; she would say, for example, "Increase the action of your inside leg" instead of "Your horse is not bent!"

Flo, Bryan & Nadia

Because riding horses requires a combination of technical knowledge and physical aptitudes while the rider analyses the situation to make corrective actions when appropriate, Flo sincerely believes it is critical as instructor to be patient with both horses and riders.

Flo, Stubbs & Cy

It takes time for the student to assimilate and apply his/her knowledge when riding, and Flo always takes this into account with every single student.

Flo considers there is no secret in horsemanship and the technique of riding, therefore she puts forth in giving explanations and transferring her knowledge.

The more students know about the horse's behavior and biomechanics, the more they will be able to understand what they need to do and how to recognize when this is done properly. She encourages students to also broaden their knowledge through readings; she recommends not only dressage books, but also more general horsemanship books.


Flo's Horse Training