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Flo's Horse Training
Building A Relationship With Your Horse Based On Trust...

So far, Flo has had in training various types of horses: English or Western riding styles, from entry level of dressage up to passage; working on jumping or doing flat work. Early in her work, Flo analyzes the horse's condition and background, identifies the horse's needs, and defining the direction the work sessions will take.

She always starts the training program of any horse with dressage, applying classical methods, where she rides in lightness and listens to the horses.

Flo uses the General L'Hotte three principles: "Forward, Calm and Straight".
She particularly highlights the importance of the impulsion (A.K.A. "Schwung" in the German School) as being "the basis of all trainings for your horse" (quote from General Decarpentry).

To Flo, any sign of resistance from the horse needs to be investigated; she would never interpret this as having to deal with a "lazy horse", but she strongly believes that if a horse needs to say "No" due to a pain or a fear, this will be through his/her body language when ridden.

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Through discussions with the horse's owner about the horse's health and background, Flo will address the resistance with dressage exercises, if no particular medical attention is needed.

Even if she specializes in dressage, Flo also does jumping at different levels, depending on the focus of the horse training. She strongly believes that jumping should be part of any horse training to vary the work. Trail rides can also be used for bonding with the horse, to do smooth relaxation exercises, or even endurance exercises.

Whether your horse has a specific problem, or you just want him/her to progress, Flo keeps the same smooth method to gain your horse's trust, and give your horse the opportunity to evolve in a safe environment.

Flo uses her voice to calm and to reward a horse when making a step toward progress, and she never engages in fights with the horse. And to quote Francois Baucher "You have to ask a lot, be content with little, and reward a lot".

Flo keeps track of the horse training and documents it in her calendar. This helps her, and the horse owner, to keep track of the horse's learning curve, and this also helps her discover any patterns in the horse behavior.

Whatever goal you have for your horse, Flo will regularly evaluate the progresses and give you her assessment.

She is, in return, very open to feedback; she uses it to get a better overview of the situation and to fine-tune the training program of the horse.

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Flo's Horse Training