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Fix your horse's problems, and unveil your horse's aptitudes through the classical methods of dressage...

Flo's Horse Training
Flo provides riders & horse owners a fully structured program...

Flo is an experienced horse trainer who now provides San Francisco Bay Area riders and horse owners a structured program based on the classical methods of dressage.

Flo first establishes a trust-based relationship with the horse, and then, with fine horsemanship skills, applies simple techniques of classical dressage to train both horses and riders.

She has a proven track record of successful training experiences with a wide variety of horses, and has helped numerous riders improve their riding skills, whether their goal is to compete in dressage or simply to enjoy trail rides.

If you need to regain confidence while riding, improve your riding skills, or if you need help with your horse's training, Flo can really help you.

She will enable you to better understand your horse, to build a sound trust-based relationship with your horse, to learn and refine your riding skills through feel, and to develop your self-confidence as a rider.

Flo & Merrilegs


Flo's Horse Training